Why Lightcorp

Lighting is the subtle, yet essential feature of the workplace. For 30 years, we’ve put all of our energy into understanding how it empowers a person’s work, influences their mood, and helps them focus. We love the beauty of it, the science behind it, and its impact on everyday life. It is this passion that defines everything we do and drives us to create vibrant, colorful, and imaginative solutions that brighten the world where we live and work.

The perfect lighting stimulates the senses and inspires the imagination. It’s not only beautiful to admire, but also creatively useful. When it’s perfect, you’ll know the moment it’s on.


Lighting fixtures should be as imaginative as the work they brighten. With our designs, that is the only philosophy that matters. Bold, colorful, and inspired — our lighting exists to impress. Our products don’t just sit on your desk; they make a statement. They are modern, elegant, and individually brilliant, creating harmony in the spaces they occupy. Our lighting collections utilize distinct shapes, colors, and materials — each intrinsic to redefining the soft elegance of a workspace.


For 30 years, we’ve fixated on lighting and lighting alone. Our technical know-how is forged in our heritage as a leader in technology and application research. We strive to make our workspaces more energy efficient, and we’re driven by the desire to provide artful lighting products you can trust. This laser-focused approach creates lighting worth loving, and worth the investment.


LightCorp is rooted in the heart of West Michigan at the epicenter of workplace design. It’s where advanced research, design leadership, manufacturing excellence, friendly service, and old-fashioned ingenuity began and was established as the foundation of our approach. Because of this, the highest quality products are crafted here, in our local facilities with a mentality that support is only a phone call away.