Simply put, sustainable lighting just makes sense. The environment benefits from reduced waste and customers benefit from reduced energy costs. At LightCorp, environmental stewardship comes through in every product we make and every process we employ. If there's a way to eliminate waste, work more efficiently, or help our customers reduce energy costs, we'll find it.

At LightCorp, respecting and protecting the environment is a critical corporate priority.

Earth-conscious commitment

LightCorp continually revisits and revises our environmental policy, which seeks to:

  • Comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements
  • Evaluate our products, operations, and facilities to reduce environmental impacts
  • Design products to help our customers reduce energy usage
  • Pursue the prevention of pollution and waste elimination of any kind
  • Promote environmental knowledge and awareness
  • Promote environmental policies to employees and the public
  • Never stop striving to make a difference


These steps are more than just how we choose to do business - it's what we stand for.