LightCorp Grows its West Elm Partnership with Exclusive Product

LightCorp’s Most Modest brand has introduced the Hive Planter collection, designed exclusively for the sustainable home furnishings retailer, West Elm. The collection is an extension of the partnership between the two brands that began in 2021, and LightCorp’s first exclusive product collaboration with the Williams-Sonoma, Inc.-owned brand.

“What drew us to LightCorp and the Most Modest brand, was our shared goal to offer sustainable, designed solutions for today’s adaptive worker to provide them with the tools and required to work their best.” said Dave Veeneman, Director of West Elm Work/Business.

The design of the Hive collection draws heavily from forms found within nature. “The shape of the planter was inspired by the honeycomb and the way hexagons interact with each other in nature,” said Chris Pabst, LightCorp Product Manager, and the designer of the Hive collection. “The unique hexagon shape allows multiple planters to be nested together at varying heights. While planters in a typical collection are offered in varying widths and depths, I wanted to leverage the organic nature of the Hive to allow the user to build and reconfigure any nested setting by only changing the height.

“I saw the opportunity to create a design that LightCorp can manufacture at scale and sustainably ship to meet growing demand,” said Pabst. “The design not only leverages our manufacturing processes but allows for a tool-free assembly—and therefore a great customer experience.”

The Hive planter series is available for purchase on West Elm’s business to business e-commerce site, at https://www.westelm.com/shop/business-office-spaces/light-corp/