LightCorp Brings #GoodEnergy to Work Environments

LightCorp helps people thrive in the places they show up to work. Human insight inspires our lighting, power, and accessory products to allow people to customize their work experience. Thoughtfully designed and sustainably engineered, LightCorp products bring good energy to the work environment.

Good Energy Supports the Office of Today

One of the biggest paradigm shifts emerging from the post-pandemic workplace is focusing on the distinct needs of individual workers. Additionally, research supports that properly lit, fully connected workspaces are essential to people’s well-being. LightCorp complements the gamut of work modes and spaces experienced throughout the day with products including:

  • Fully adjustable task lighting that can be dialed in for focused, individual work or restorative, ambient moments. The proper illumination level supports comfort and health by quelling eyestrain and supporting circadian rhythm.
  • Power solutions that provide connection to power and each other, promoting the exchange of ideas and a sense of belonging. Power access also allows the freedom to work untethered from traditional workspaces and reconvene spontaneously for collaborative work.
  • Functional accessories that make a statement in your workspace keep you organized and offer opportunities for personalization.

The result is lighting, power, and accessory products that support individual choice, control, personalization, well-being, and connectivity. That’s good energy!

Connect with Our Good Energy

At LightCorp, we’re purpose-driven to provide the tools people need to support good energy and help people thrive. How can we help you? Find out by contacting us.