Natural light from a window and a task light help illuminate a desktop

Lighting Ergonomics 101: Managing Office Lighting for Comfort

Overhead (Ambient) Light

Using overhead lighting alone is inadequate. 70 footcandles is the industry standard for comfortable light levels. Ambient-only lit offices average a mere 35 footcandles on the work surface. Adding a task light can supplement the needed footcandles.

Natural Lighting

If you’re fortunate enough to have natural daylight in your office lighting plan, you are aware of its mood-boosting benefits. However, it can also create problems with glare on your monitor. To avoid this, position your desk to the side of the window.

Light from Computer Monitors

Eye fatigue occurs due to the excessive contrast from computer screens in relation to ambient lit rooms. Incorporating a task light raises the overall ambient light level and controls glare, both of which combat eye fatigue.

Task Lights

Choose a fixture with an articulating arm that will allow you to position the light to where you need it the most without creating glare. Ideally, the head should be positioned 15″ above the work surface.