Stella cart, Ruth lamp and Cleo desk organizer on a desk

Most Modest Launches New Accessory Collection Designed for Hybrid Work Environments

Jesse Hill designerLightCorp is pleased to introduce Most Modest’s new collection of accessories designed for home or office workspaces. Designed by Jesse Hill of Baltimore-based Hill Studio, the collection features seven products that aim to bring joy and function to the everyday.

“Design for me comes down to being extremely intentional and contextual — finding out who’s using the product, why they use it, and how they use it,” says Hill. “This collection is designed to make it easy to work wherever you’re working. It features products that can live in any space, from home to corporate office to a hospitality setting.”

As with the rest of the Most Modest line, the new accessories deliver flexibility and playfulness, designed to be used in multiple ways and feel at home anywhere.

“I prefer the simplest solutions—which aren’t necessarily the easiest to design—that focus on the user and their experience and give them autonomy,” says Hill. “I think about how I want to use a product and approach the design process empathetically. When products are too complex, there’s a risk of focusing on a specific function that pigeonholes the use, leaving little room for other possibilities. My process is about refining the form to its cleanest and most inviting expression, constructed within constraints.”

“This new product line includes simple solutions that incorporate the Most Modest colors, finishes, and materials and leverage LightCorp’s skills and processes, which are uniquely robust in a North American manufacturer,” adds Hill.

“The collection is the first major addition to the Most Modest offering since LightCorp’s acquisition of the brand in 2019,” says Melissa Wikman, LightCorp’s VP of Business Development. “We tapped Hill Studios as a natural fit for Most Modest’s clean, fresh lines and elegant aesthetic. We believe these products enhance our offering by adding meaningful storage to our home/office story.”

Anchored by the Stella storage cart, the new collection ties together how we use and store items throughout the day, facilitating the coming-and-going nature of work and life. Attachments can be moved freely from product to product within the collection, mimicking how users interact with these objects. For example, Abel wall hooks can hang on the cart to hold headphones or bags or be moved to the Abel storage rail to hold coats or hats. Other highlights in the collection include:

  • Stella carts are indispensable storage partners in the home studio or office, but could also multi-task in the dining room (bar cart, anyone?).
  • Milo’s wooden shelf with a lip and hidden hooks creates the appearance that whatever hangs below—towels, jackets, scarves—are hovering objects.
  • Hugo’s wall shelf holds and displays smaller items, such as books and art, on its shrouded shelf, with interchangeable hooks of different colors.
  • Cleo is the desk organizer that consolidates our daily tools on the desk surface and declutters the mess, with storage space, power/charging, and a generous cup.
  • Lola power sling makes managing and controlling cords and surge protectors underneath the desk or work area easy.
  • Silas began as a product designed for easily moving or relocating larger plants and evolved into something more. Available in fixed or mobile versions, it can be a planter, storage bin, or filing cabinet alternative.

Abel, Lola, and Silas are available now at LightCorp.com. Stella carts are planned to be released later this month. A phased release of the remaining collection will continue throughout this year.