NeoCon 2017

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Amble by Stephan Copeland officially launches, LightCorp offers a sneak peek at a new light being designed by Copeland, and eight other lighting products will be exhibited.

GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN, USA—May 31 2017—LightCorp, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech lighting products for office environments, heads to NeoCon 2017 officially launching Amble, the minimalist light designed by Stephan Copeland.

“Unveiled as a prototype at NeoCon 2016, Amble now takes its place among modern lights,” LightCorp General Manager Kyle Verplank said, “and this is a light like no other both in function and form.”

Copeland, an acclaimed industrial designer known for products that “move,” has been working on another new light for LightCorp – name yet to be revealed – and the company and Copeland will offer a sneak peak at NeoCon 2017.

LightCorp also exhibits its Arey, Clique, MLED, Piper, Reed Premier, Revo, Tino and Voyage lighting products at NeoCon 2017.


Amble is a light with no moving joints or articulation – in fact, the only moving part is a gravity-powered “eye.” A study in reductionism and simplicity, Amble’s lean, single-form construction achieves a large sphere of adjustability and portability through the intelligence of its shape. It is a powerful solution for open and private workspaces. Amble offers a battery-powered option (available Summer 2017), built-in USB charging and an occupancy sensor – making it even more significant for modern work environments.

Copeland explains the why Amble is unique in this short video: https://youtu.be/vN62atLE_vM. He and LightCorp representatives will be at NeoCon to discuss the intentionality behind this groundbreaking light and updates since it was first prototyped.

(Amble press kit: https://goo.gl/kNsHq9)



Lean and sleek, Arey is an extremely flexible lighting solution with a vast range of adjustability. Available in both single- and double-arm models, its streamlined design and spring-tension joints allow for smooth articulation.


Clique is undershelf lighting comprised of compact, modular units designed to easily connect to one another. Available in four sizes, Clique also comes with an 18-watt wall transfer, allowing effortless cord management.


Designed to tuck beneath an overhead storage unit, MLED seamlessly blends in with a workplace. Built with an integrated power supply and occupancy sensor, its installation is effortless. MLED is available in 180 colors to match any design aesthetic. It is available in standard and custom sizes.


Piper delivers color temperature control unlike any other. Comprised of a three-step soft-touch dimming interface and selectable color temperature ranging from 2700 – 6500K, it provides a spectrum of illumination from warm to cool. An integrated 2.0 USB port is housed in its base, making for readily accessible electronic charging. Also, a manual timer lets the user set a 50-minute automatic shutoff to conserve energy use.


Available in four lengths and various levels of brightness, Reed Premier features multiple state-of-the-art energy-saving components: touch-and-hold continuous dimming, 10-hour automatic shutoff and an optional interlinkable occupancy sensor that knows to turn on only when needed.


The “extraterrestrial” Revo senses when a person is present and turns off when no one’s there. Its fully articulating body moves seamlessly where the user wants it. It shines with a highly efficient, dimmable light that adjusts with a single touch.


Tino is designed to mount directly onto a computer monitor. Small but powerful, Tino projects up to 98 candles worth of illumination – a full foot forward.


Voyage is a high-performance yet subtle workspace companion. Its linear arms and joints flow gently into a broadened head shade that shields bright LEDs from view. Voyage unites functional ergonomics with timeless aesthetics with its full articulation, extended reach and dimmable-touch technology, all secured in a small, 6-inch desktop footprint.

LightCorp exhibits at NeoCon in space 7-9062 at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago for the duration of the three-day show.

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As the leading specialty designer and manufacturer of office lighting, LightCorp brightens and enlightens workspaces around the world with smart and efficient lighting technology. LightCorp’s award-winning products improve productivity, health and energy efficiency in modern-day workspaces. Founded in 1986, the company’s headquarters as well as design, manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Grand Haven, Michigan, USA. LightCorp is part of the Shape family of companies (http://www.shapecorp.com/). Learn more about LightCorp at www.lightcorp.com.

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