Standard Finishes

33 standard finishes

Nik-LV, which stands for Nik Low Voltage, is a safe, low-voltage power source that features four configurations of USB ports with up to a robust 60W of power to fuel larger-draw devices. Designed to be versatile, it can be used on its own, daisy-chained with other Nik-LVs in adjacent workspaces, or even linked in multiple strings of units when powered by our Angus product. Nik-LV mounts beneath, within, or clamps to surfaces and can be installed within soft furnishings in dozens of finishes to harmonize with any décor.

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USB-A charge ports

2A (up to 10W ea.)

USB-C charge ports

supports PD protocol; 18W or 60W

Interconnect cord (option)

6' cord in black


clamp, under-surface or in-surface


powder-coated aluminum


UL1310 listed power supply; Canada C22.2 308-18; FCC CFR-47 Part 15 Class A; TAA; BAA; USB ports compliant to USB-IF BC 1.2


2 years