Reed Premier Under Shelf Light

Why You'll Love It

Occupancy Sensor Option

Available built-in or as a modular accessory, this energy-smart addition keeps the light on when you're there and turns it off when you're not.

Continuous Dimming

Control brightness with a single touch. Last-state memory remembers your setting for next time, too.

Available in High Output

Ideal for lab environments or anywhere ample bright light is required.


Choose from five lengths that can be daisy-chained together to create the perfect-sized under shelf solution.

Angle Mount

This handy accessory gives the fixture a bi-driectional tilt to direct illumination where you need it the most.

Auto Shut-off

Reed Premier's energy-efficient LED includes an auto shut-off feature after 10 hours of use for further energy savings.



Metallic Silver

Key Specifications

COLOR TEMPERATURE: 3500K, 4000K available
LED RATED LIFESPAN: > 50,000 hours
POWER CONSUMPTION: 6.8-25.3 system watts, 10.2-38.3 system watts high output
DIMMING: 100%-15% continuous
CERTIFICATIONS: ETL listed to UL standards; TAA, BAA
DIMENSIONS: Without sensor
17" model: 16.4" x .5" x 2"
24" model: 23.3" x .5" x 2"
31" model: 30.1" x .5" x 2"
44" model: 43.7" x .5" x 2"
58" model: 57.4" x .5" x 2"

With sensor
17" model: 17.2" x .76" x 2"
24" model: 24.1" x .76" x 2"
31" model: 30.9" x .76" x 2"
44" model: 44.5" x .76" x 2"
58" model: 58.2" x .76" x 2"

Behind the Design

Originally designed by Mike Garner, the Reed Premier fixture was a direct response to customer’s need for an undercabinet task light that provides excellent quality of light at an affordable price. Its visually simple design finds a home in every environment, supporting the task at hand with appropriate levels of low-glare illumination. Manufactured in Grand Haven, MI.