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Angus is a powerful hub that mounts below the work surface to provide AC and DC power with plug-and-play connectivity and superior cord management. Choose from three sizes of models that feature up to eight AC receptacles and two optional DC jacks to readily power your work tools, other elements in our suite of power products, or even LightCorp task lights. The best part? It can power your entire desktop with only one cord to the wall—making it perfect for use with mobile or adjustable-height workstations. Angus can also be ordered with an integrated Nik unit for a seamless power solution. 

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AC receptacles

120V; 15A black

DC jacks (option)

24V; up to 200W

power cord

6' or 10' PVC cord in black or white, straight grounded plug

Integrated Nik cord (option)

6' or 10' PVC cord in black or white, or woven fabric cord in 4 colors

strain relief

straight; 90° also available




powder-coated aluminum


UL962A listed; UL1310 listed power supply; Canada C22.2 308-18; FCC CFR-47 Part 15 Class A; TAA; USB ports compliant to USB-IF BC 1.2


2 years